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Gwenna by Vicky Adin

Amid the bustling vibrancy of Auckland’s Karangahape Road, Gwenna Price’s passion is making sweets. Her pa had great plans for the family confectionery business when they emigrated from the valleys of Wales looking for a new life, but he died … Continue reading

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Castle in the Sky by Stacey Broadbent

Illustrated by Eli Broadbent A sandpit, a shovel, and a little boy’s imagination. Morning has broken, and it’s time to play! A sandpit, a shovel and my bucket! Where will my imagination take me today? This book is aimed at … Continue reading

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A Distant Belonging by Tony Chapelle

What does it mean to belong? In New Zealand in the 1950s and 1960s, Jamie Ashcott is one of those descendants of early British settlers who have little interest in their origins. He knows who he is and where he … Continue reading

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The Youngest Son by Tony Chapelle

Tom Gerold served as a junior officer in the Crimea but lost his commission as a result of his fondness for drink and amatory adventure. Adding to his problems is his youngest son status, which means he is unable to … Continue reading

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Merely a Girl by Tony Chapelle

Merely a Girl is the story of Addie – Adelaide Augusta Gilbard – and how she comes to settle in New Zealand in 1860. The book opens in 1863 with the first entry from a diary that Addie has decided … Continue reading

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The Contest by Carne Maxwell

Martin Fallaway is dying. With no family to whom he can leave his surplus fortune, he holds a contest on his tropical island, where ten families compete to be the last team left in order to claim the prize of … Continue reading

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Deserter by Ann Barrie

A novel based on true events. Why would a dedicated soldier turn his back on his own country and everyone he loves? This remarkable and moving World War II novel takes the reader on a compelling journey from North Africa … Continue reading

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