Review: Armageddon Shadow by Lee Pletzers

Reviewed by Margaret Craigie

Gripping read, loved it, but some parts were confusing.  Halfway through, the author introduced Hades.  I’ve always enjoyed the Greek gods, but then the author interchanged him with Satan, a fallen angel, and non-god.  Two sentences later, there was a mention of the christian God.  My understanding of religion was tied in knots in the space of about one paragraph.

This was initially a good vs evil story.  However, it got difficult to tell who the bad side were when the reasons for Darian (the main character) turning to the dark side became apparent.  Good guys don’t usually kill children and line up to take sexual advantage of wives…   From that point on, I was far more ambivalent as to whom I was supporting.   Perhaps it could be compared to A Tale of Two Cities, where through his writing, Dickens posed the question of whether the evil (monarchy) was replaced by a regime  possibly just as bad.

However,  great read, couldn’t put it down at times (almost made me late to work).


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