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Bittersweet by p.d.r. lindsay

In the British army of 1872, corrupt young officers play games of a different kind. Their favourite is to rape young society women in their homes. The rogues make a competition out of it. The more girls the regiment savages, … Continue reading

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Whispers of the Past by Owen Clough

Sam is employed by the Department of Conservation (DoC). His two mates are helping out. Their task is to clear out as many feral pigs as they can in the Tongariro National Park, which is located in the North Island … Continue reading

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Orphanage Boys by A.N. Arthur

In 1897 Samuel and James Brodie are left at the Stoke Orphanage, while their father seeks work on the west coast of New Zealand. At the orphanage abuse and privation are rites of passage. Finding friendships there, they manage to … Continue reading

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Forgiven by Geoff Lawson

Richard meets the love of his life and moves to a larger provincial town to pursue her, while she is the daughter of a successful entrepreneur and is used to the better things in life. Rachel is intelligent, cultured and … Continue reading

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A Straits Settlement by Brian Stoddart

(Superintendent Le Fanu Mystery Series Book 3) In the third installment of the Le Fanu Mystery series, the intrepid superintendent is promoted to Inspector-General of Police in 1920s Madras, which proves to be more boring than he had envisaged. Instead … Continue reading

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Lewisville by Alexandra Tidswell

Martha Grimm has a sorrowful secret, and her daughter Mary Ann is the only other person in New Zealand who knows it. Growing up dirt-poor in Willoughby, Warwickshire, in 1814, Martha dared to imagine a different life. Now she is … Continue reading

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Beware of the Dragon by Evan G.Andrew

When Laura Ansell arrives in Peking in 1899 as a young bride tension is already building at the British Legation with rumours of unrest among the local Chinese population. As the months pass and summer temperatures rise, the Boxer rebels … Continue reading

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