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The Trials of Minnie Dean by Karen Zelas

A verse biography Minnie Dean: the first – and only – woman to be hanged in New Zealand. Baby farmer and child murderer, or hardworking wife and mother, supporting her family by caring for unwanted children in a society that … Continue reading

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Read With Me complied by the Horowhenua Writer’s Group

A compilation of stories and poems for children designed to get young minds engaged. With story titles such as The Great Ice-cream Incident, Could I Touch the Sky?, Sophie’s Night Out and Zooming Seagulls many of the stories have been … Continue reading

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Capture and Release by Cyndi Benn-Miller and Graeme Knowles

A collaborative project from poet Cyndi Benn-Miller and photographer Graeme Knowles in a beautiful soft cover book. Cyndi’s poetry complements the photographic images – the poems are poignant, inspiring and alluring. Details of the photographs are in the back section … Continue reading

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Spiritual Relationships by Brian Hool

A collection of short stories, memories and poems from several spirits on their relationships and incidents in their lives when they were mortal and living in the earth plane. Varying in topics most also have an explanation by Guardian Spirit, … Continue reading

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The In-Between Land: Psalms, Poems and Haiku by Mark Gibson

Severe earthquakes struck Christchurch in 2010–2011 and caused obvious damage to buildings, the land and waterways. The emotional impact of these events on the people who lived through them is harder to see. For many people, the city and life … Continue reading

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Redemption Songs: Prayers for people like us by Mark Laurent

Two Jewish men inspired this book. 3,000 years ago King David wrote a collection of songs to express his love, hopes and fears to God. They’ve been collected as the Psalms of the Old Testament. Thirty years ago Leonard Cohen … Continue reading

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I am Minerva by Karen Zelas

I am Minerva begins with a light-hearted selfie and ends with the writer’s realisation that – like the goddess Minerva – she is a custodian of words and creativity and even wisdom. A poet no less. In between the selfie … Continue reading

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