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Whispers of the Past by Owen Clough

Sam is employed by the Department of Conservation (DoC). His two mates are helping out. Their task is to clear out as many feral pigs as they can in the Tongariro National Park, which is located in the North Island … Continue reading

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Private Viewing by Geoff Palmer

He had a body to die for. She might just do that! “Bastards!” Jane Child doesn’t think much of her boss when she’s passed over for promotion. Nor does Matt, the mysterious homeless guy camped across the street. But Jane … Continue reading

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Telling Stories: A novel by Geoff Palmer

Steven Spalding is a mild, unexceptional civil-servant, overweight and solitary. But he has a secret; an alter ego in the form of wise-cracking, anarchic Eric Dombey. As Eric, Steven can become the self he sometimes wishes to be, but as … Continue reading

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Forgiven by Geoff Lawson

Richard meets the love of his life and moves to a larger provincial town to pursue her, while she is the daughter of a successful entrepreneur and is used to the better things in life. Rachel is intelligent, cultured and … Continue reading

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The Jade Kiwi by Nick Spill

The summer of 1976 in Auckland, New Zealand. There is a severe marijuana drought. Two couples; a gynecologist and a physicist, together with a violinist and an actress meet by accident in a pub and help a Maori evade the … Continue reading

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Unwilling to Break by Teresa Schulz

Emma Johnson thinks she has a good marriage. Everyone has their problems, right? However, all this changes when she becomes payment to Albanian drug dealers, in lieu of her husband Greg’s debt. Emma is not that easy to break though. … Continue reading

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Lola Night by Marina Collette

Imagine your whole world is turned upside down. Your grandma is a murderer and your mum has turned into a nut case. You’re thrown into living with another family that isn’t yours. Lola Night is a fourteen-year-old girl and she’s … Continue reading

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